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What’s GOD’scandy?


Jesus last name was not "Christ". His title "Christ" was an identifier such as Doctor or Professor so-and-so. This will be the first of a multiple post.

GOD’scandy is sweet as caramel. GOD’scandy is sticky & chewy or simply softly melts in our mouths or GOD’scandy is as hard as a red-hot “jawbreaker”.

GOD’scandy came into being named “Divinity for the Divine”. “Divinity” has 2 meanings.  First, “Divinity” is the name of the general studies about GOD, Who is also called the “Divine”, in a specialized school called a seminary. After 3 years of post-baccalaureate studies, the seminary student, called a seminarian, graduates with a “Master of Divinity” degree ready to become an ordained minister. Second, “Divinity” is the name of an old-time candy made with heavy cream, sugar, and not-much-else.  It melts in one’s mouth; if it gets that far as it starts melting in one’s hand. So, the word “Divinity” at that time had a double-entendre. Wishing to not be misunderstood, the title became “GOD’s Candy”. This name, however, allowed room for squabbling about exactly what is GOD’s favorite candy. The title changes yet again by pushing the 2 words together forming the title as it now stands, “GOD’scandy”. “GOD’scandy” implies that we will find sweet ideas from, and for, GOD in this blog.

GOD’scandy carries a “G” censorship rating and is gender sensitive. So please write your comments in the same style. GOD’scandy publishes approximately weekly. GOD’scandy prays that you will enjoy.

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