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GOD’scandy Created


Jesus last name was not "Christ". His title "Christ" was an identifier such as Doctor or Professor so-and-so. This will be the first of a multiple post.

“…there was evening and there was morning , the sixth day. On the seventh day God finished the work [GOD] had done, and [GOD] rested….” (Ge 1.31, 2.2 NRSV)

While resting in the cool of the evening on the seventh day, GOD pondered to GOD’s self, “Humankind knows the beauty of seeing along with the difference between night and day. Humankind knows the melodic singing of birds and the intriguing roar of the  lion. Humankind knows the fullness of touch when they embrace each other. Humankind even knows the feeling of love when I walk with them in cool of the evening. But, how will humankind know the sweetness of taste?” GOD had at this time created all other things good.

Then GOD said to GOD’s self, “I’ll create a morsel as sweet as honey from the honeycomb. It shall have different flavors – caramel, cherry, wintergreen, liquorice, sweet lemon, and many, many other flavors. I shall create it as sticky and as syrupy as thick honey, or as firm and chewy as a fig. All of the textures shall dissolve and melt in one’s mouth. I shall name this creation in all it’s variations ‘GOD’scandy’. And, it shall be very, very good.

GOD has given GOD’s sweetness to many things since creating GOD’scandy – this blog is one of them.

Sweet Loving GOD:  Thank You for creating GOD’scandy. We give You praise that You knew that Your creations needed to savor the sweetness of life. Amen.

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