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Christianity: Inclusive/ Exclusive Club


Jesus last name was not "Christ". His title "Christ" was an identifier such as Doctor or Professor so-and-so. This will be the first of a multiple post.

(This is the first of a two-part post.)

“Go…and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name….”

(Matthew 28.19)

CHRISTIANITY IS SUPPOSEDLY an “inclusive religion”. All we need do is look at the Christian Bible. Two-thirds of it is the Jewish Bible. Why don’t more people, including Christian messengers, readily see, and in seeing, understand this message?!

We are reminded time after time after time in scripture to minister to the marginalized people of this world. We are told, again in scripture, “Go…make disciples of all the nations….” So, we engage in the Crusades using armored warriors to “bring them in…civilizing the rest of the world”. We move on to the genocides of many GOD-fearing people such as the Jews (plus others) in the Holocaust; Native Americans in the “Indian Wars”. (Western Europeans incorrectly labeled he people of native nations in the Americas as “Indians”.)

The entire Christian Bible is filled with facts, images, stories, names for GOD taken from pre-Jewish religions, “pagan” beliefs, secular recorded history, Greek theology and philosophy. We don’t want to acknowledge these elements in our  Bible unless we call them “heresy”. We sweep them under the Christian rug to hide them in the dark out of our view. Yes, evil and illusion need only be named – need only be exposed to light to die in exposure to the Light of this World”.

Sweet Loving GOD,

Thank you for this opportunity to think about our faith in You from different angles.


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