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Christianity: Exclusive/ Inclusive Club – Part 3


Jesus last name was not "Christ". His title "Christ" was an identifier such as Doctor or Professor so-and-so. This will be the first of a multiple post.

(This is the last post of a three-part post)

“Go make disciples of all nations.”

(Matthew 28.19 NIV)

Christianity is supposedly an inclusive religion. In the first post we took a brief look at how this commandment was enacted. In the second post we took a brief look at how Christianity was becoming an exclusive club often open to only a few who shared the same belief systems within Christianity. Even though this saga continues in this day we will stop our discussion with this post.

In the 1050’s the Eastern Orthodox and the Roman Catholic Churches have split their different ways. Since God’scandy is a blog of the western hemisphere, we will look after the Roman Catholic Church. Note, though, that Christianity can no longer think of itself as an “inclusive religion” after this point.

Possibly the first step in separating lesser-than Christians from the “true believers” was with The Spanish Inquisition starting in the 1470’s (and lasting to the 1830’s).

Within 50 years the Roman Catholics again had major trouble in their ranks. The Roman Catholic Priest Martin Luther decided he could no longer toe-the-line of church politics. In the 1510’s Luther touched off what became the Protestant Reformation creating the split between Roman Catholic and Protestants. In the early 1530’s England’s King Henry VIII decided he could no longer tolerate Papal authority. He, therefore, formed the Anglican (Church of England) Church.

One hundred years later, in the 1630’s the Puritans, having tried their hand at church authority in England, were ostracized from the church. They sailed for the colonies in North America where they set up shop again.

Since the time of the Puritans we have seen many different denominations come into existence. Probably, in my opinion, the most devastation to Christianity in more modern times has been the rise of televangelism and mega-churches. In most of these styled “churches” there is hardly anything said about God to say nothing of Jesus Christ.  The emphasis in most of these “churches” is on “if you feel good in doing it, well, then….”

It seems that we find it much easier to fight over what we perceive to be the exclusiveness of Christ than it is to worship Jesus, the Son of God.

 Loving and Caring God,

Thank You for the ministry and mystery of Your Son Jesus, the Christ.

Create in us clean hearts, minds and especially spirits that we will no longer war over how to worship him and You.


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