GOD’sCandy is sweet as caramel. It’s sticky & chewy or simply syrupy sliding through our mouths & down our throats. Or, GOD’sCandy is hard as a red-hot jawbreaker candy.

The blog came into being with the name “Divinity for the Divine “. The word “Divinity” has 2 different identities.

First, the word “Divinity” is the name of the study of the Divine in a specialized graduate school, called a seminary, by a post-baccalaureate student known as a seminarian. After 3 years, or more, of studies, the seminarian graduates with a “Master of Divinity” degree hopefully ready to take intense ordination exams to become an ordained pastor.

Second, the word “Divinity” is the name of an old-fashioned candy made with heavy cream, fine sugar, and not-much-else. It melts when exposed to warmth. So, it melts very quickly in one’s mouth; if it ever gets that far as it begins to melt when touched by the warmth of one’s fingers.

The word “Divinity” used in the original title is a double-entendre of both definitions of the word’s use. Wishing to not be too misunderstood by many folks, the title became “God‘s Candy”. This name, however, allowed room for squabbling about exactly is God’s favorite candy – caramel, chocolate, vanilla, cherry, lemon, or some other flavor. The title changes yet again to its present incarnation by pushing the 2 words – “GOD” and “candy” – together making “GOD’sCandy”.

“GOD’sCandy” Implies that we will find sweet ideas from, and for, the Divine in this blog.



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